Please note that visitors are welcome but only by prior appointment

If you are sending parts to us please do not use MyHermes for this as they are very unreliable and have lost several of our items. is a good internet based service, which uses Parcel force, and you can have your item picked up or you can drop the item off at any Post Offce.

Please make sure your contact information is packaged with any parts you send us, failure to do this will cause delay in processing your order.

Reyland Motorsport
Unit 17 Enfield Industrial Estate
B97 6BG 

Phone: +44(0)1527 63055 (Avoid calling between 1.30 > 2pm, we do have to eat!) 

Email: * please see note below.

To enable us to give you the best possible service, please keep email enquiries short and to the point. We have a very busy workshop, so if you require an indepth or urgent answer, phoning us will enable us to serve you best.


Overseas sales currency conversion:

 We are happy to send our parts to most countries around the world and do so on a daily basis but you should ensure that the amount transferred for payment is correct after the bank has taken their commission for exchanging the currency into sterling, there can be quite a fee! To avoid this issue either make the transfer in Sterling or use a company like Transfermate ( to make the payment for you.   

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