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About Us

Reyland Motorsport: Guinness World Record breaker and builder of the world's fastest Escort Cosworth.

For well over 20 years, Martin Hadland of Reyland Motorsport has been at the forefront of Cosworth tuning. As can be seen in the Project Cars section, many of the vehicles he's built have achieved great things; top speed records, acceleration records and even an entry in the famous Guinness Book of World Records for Fastest Caravan Tow (128.8mph).

At Reyland Motorsport we're not limited to Ford modifications and parts though, we offer parts and services for a wide range of vehicles including Audi, Rover, Vauxhall and VW - just ask.

With our fully equipped machine room we're equipped to handle all the challenges you face when modifying, building or tuning high performance cars.

The attention to detail and quality of work is second to none - probably why many of his customers also consider Martin a good friend.

At Reyland Motorsport we're not afraid to break new ground: we were the first to develop a Cosworth hydraulic clutch conversion (beware of inferior copies), we were the first to use Garrett GT series external wastegate turbos for Cosworth engine tuning (a conversion kit still popular today), we created a unique clutch and bell housing which enables OS Giken (Skyline GT-R) sequential gearboxes to be used on the Cosworth YB engine and our 700bhp, 2.3ltr 'tall block' YB has been proven in the world's fastest Escort Cosworth (200.2mph)...

Where many imitate, Reyland choose to innovate!