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Overseas sales currency conversion:

We are happy to send our parts to most countries around the world and do so on a daily basis but we only accept £ Stirling so that is what you should instuct your bank to transfer, if you can't transfer Stirling you should ensure that the amount transferred is correct after our bank has taken their commission for exchanging the foreign currency into sterling, there can be quite a fee (upto 5%)! To avoid this issue either make the transfer in Sterling or use a company like Transfermate ( to make the payment for you.   





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News just in from AP Racing's legal department: they're aware of several unscrupulous sellers offering counterfeit AP Racing brake calipers in the UK. Some can be difficult to spot because of their very similar appearance to the genuine items. However, there are several key differences that anyone looking to buy AP Racing brake calipers should be aware of:

1 This is the easiest red flag: AP Racing do not sell yellow calipers. If a seller is offering 'genuine' new AP Racing calipers in yellow, that's a big alarm bell.

2 This is key: For several years now all genuine AP Racing calipers feature unique serial numbers and a QR label which allows the purchaser to scan the QR Code with their phone and receive confirmation from AP Racing that the product is genuine (ALL AP Racing calipers sold by Reyland Motorsport have these). Just because a seller shows a QR label in their advertisements does not mean their products are the real deal, if they can fake a caliper then a QR label is not a problem… until its scanned that is!

3 On some fake calipers the dirt boots around the pistons are plain, all dirt boots fitted to genuine calipers will either have AP Racing or Brembo clearly visible and other wording too. Brembo are AP’s parent company and their seals are used on some later AP calipers.

4 We suspect that the AP Racing logos are being applied in the UK after the caliper has landed from China, probably in a bid to avoid customs attention. All AP Racing logos are screen printed and are not simple stickers that you could peel off.

5 Fake calipers are supplied with fake pads, who knows what compound they really are and if they adhere to asbestos regulations, fake pads do have AP Racing logo on the backing.

6 Fake AP Racing calipers, discs and pads are supplied in convincing fake AP packaging so don’t gain any comfort from opening a nice box with AP written on it!

7 If you have any doubts check on AP’s website to see if the seller is listed as a dealer or distributor, if not ask them where they are buying their ‘genuine’ AP products from.

8 The following copy AP Racing calipers are known to be in circulation, CP9040, CP9660, CP9665, CP9440, CP9441, CP5200, CP9200, CP8530, CP8540, CP8560, CP8520, CP8521, CP8522, CP9540, CP9541, CP9542, CP9560, CP9561, CP9562, the whole Radi-Cal & Radi-Cal 2 range.




Overseas customers please read notes on contact page regarding payments to us.

Audi UR Quattro kit lauched, fits inside the standard 15" wheel 

All brake kits are now available with floating disc to bell fixing 

Now available as an option on all of our brake kits, Radial float allows the discs to expand as the disc temp rises reducing stresses in the disc and reducing the possibility of disc cracking and distortion. Unlike some earlier floating systems ours are quiet in operation due to the outer spring placing the assembly under tension, this eradicates the clonking noises at slow speed associated with other systems. Cost is an aditional £150 to the kit price.      



New 8x17 & 8x18 TH wheel to suit Escort & Sierra Cosworth 
Now available to suit Ford models  in offets of ET15, ET35 & ET45, also available to suit Mercedes/Audi/VW in 5x112 ET35, Toyota Celica/Golf 3/4 in 5x100 ET35 and BMW E30 M3 5x120 ET15. These will be available in silver or white and cost £1175 per set of four inc VAT, carriage will be extra.    


New range of Reyland Sport, Track and Pro brake kits
We're very pleased to announce the launch of Reyland's own high performance brake kits.
With the three different ranges; Sport, Track and Pro, we've tried to suit every budget, from great value 2-piece, 300mm rear disc kits (starting at just £380*), right up to huge 6-pot caliper kits using 378mm discs suitable for the most demanding braking situations.
If you don't see your model listed, don't let that put you off. We're adding new applications on a weekly basis, so please call us to ask about availability for your car.